Scrunch Scoop

Scrunch Scoop


New for Summer 2022 the Scrunch scoop is designed in the shape of a cheeky puffer fish. Perfect for scooping up, pouring out, digging, shovelling, burrowing – simply hours of general fun both inside (ideal for the bath) or outside on the beach and in the garden.

Made of our usual high quality recyclable silicone.

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New for 2022 …….a cheeky Scrunch scoop in 100% silicone. Perfect for all scooping jobs!

Weight .140 kg
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 14.5 cm

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3 reviews for Scrunch Scoop

  1. Claire Brain
    Claire Brain

    Product Tested By Claire Brain – Emily & Katie 10 & 5 Years

    Claire Awarded The Scrunch Scoop 5/5

    It was a great size and it was so soft and squashy. It is really fun, like how big the mouth is to hold the water. My daughter loved the cheeky puffer fish with smiley face. Straight away she wanted to give it a name and said how cute he is. It was very easy to hold, a lovely handle that is easy to grip. My daughter loved using this as a bath time toy. She liked to use it hold the other little toys in the bath so they could have a ride. It was also great to scoop water on to her hair for washing. It was played with every time in the bath. We have not used it outside yet. I am not sure that we would use it for mud and dirt though. We have not used it to scoop up tadpoles or other things of interest outside. I would be uncertain about this as it does not have a long handle so she would be close to the water and might fall. I think this will be ideal for going to the beach and look forward to being able to take it. This would be so easy to take on your travels and on holiday. It is great because it can be hard to take beach things in a suitcase on a plane but we will definitely be taking this as it would not be at risk of cracking. Very easy to clean and it sat nicely on the side of the bath. It is used for keeping the little dolls/mermaids she uses in the bath in when not in the bath. I liked how much water it can hold, it doesn’t look like it but it holds a lot. Excellent quality, really happy with it. This is great value due to it has a lot of uses and the fact we can put it in the suitcase to take with us is so great. I would buy this as I like the idea of a few beach items that can be easily folded/squashed into smaller spaces when travelling. I would recommend because it is fun and the children like it/think it’s cute. And it is so easy to travel with. A great fun item. Got the children to talk about puffer fish. Great for washing longer hair. I loved how much water it held for washing long hair when she doesn’t like a shower much yet. I really look forward to being able to take it on holiday for beach fun. Claire Brain – Emily & Katie 10 & 5 Years

  2. Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson

    Product Tested By Heather Wilson – Grace 4 Years

    Heather Awarded The Scrunch Scoop 4.2/5

    I loved the colour. Wasn’t sure how much my girl would use it. I thought it was a good design. My daughter did like he design and she immediately recognised it as a fish. She also found this easy to hold and use. My daughter loved using this at bath time to pour the water into other toys. This was used every bath time. She took it out the bath to her toy kitchen to play with it too. We have not used it to dig in the dirt, mud or sand as weather has been awful. However I am sure it will be great in the garden too. This would be fantastic to take on our holidays and use on beach. This is ideal to take on your travels as light weight easy to fold. Love the design and portability of it. Very easy to store and keep clean. My daughter also used this for imaginary play in her room. Fish was a friend introduced to other toys and used to scoop “stuff” in the kitchen. I liked the size as great for little hands. This also held a reasonable amount of water too. I used it to rinse her hair. Quality was very good. Now I have it and have used it good value. Before being send his he price would have put me off. I would buy this as it has so many uses and it is fun. I would recommend for the same reasons. Great experience love the product. Heather Wilson – Grace 4 Years

  3. Sam Davies
    Sam Davies

    Product Tested By Sam Davies – Sophie & Jake 8 & 5 Years

    Sophie Awarded The Scrunch Scoop 5/5

    I really liked the product. It was smaller than I thought it would be but I liked it. I like the design. He has a nice big mouth so he’s great for playing games with, throwing things in, great for scooping and very easy to use. My kids love the design of the cheeky fish. They liked that you can ‘feed’ him, whether that was with bubbles, soap, bath bombs or other toys. My kids found the fish very easy to hold and use. It has a lovely soft handle and overall is very soft. My kids had arguments over who was going to play with it first, they like it so much. My two are real baby babies so any excuse to spend longer in the water and new things to play with and they’re happy. This was used every bath time. The first thing that’s asked when the bath is running is ‘who gets the fish first’. To be honest we only used it in the bath. It would be perfect to play with in the dirt or in sand but my kids loved playing with it in the bath. It would be great to use it for exploring nature and playing in ponds and things. We’ll definitely be taking it to my parents’ house once they have frog spawn in their pond. My little boy loves it when his pops shows him the tadpoles in his bucket so it will be nice for him to be able to join in with his little fish scoop. This would be perfect for the beach for both the sea and the sand. It’s definitely something I’ll pack when we head to the beach next. It’s a great size for little hands to use. We recently went away for a few days and the fish was packed away in my bag ready for bath time. He squashes down nicely so doesn’t take up a lot of space at all. How easy it is to store is one thing I really like about this. It’s easy to keep clean and he’s great to store bits in when not being used. My kids like to keep their bars of soap in him after the bath. One of the main things the scoop was used for was washing hair. My two hate having their hair washed and the design of the fish with its amazing soft shape and his big mouth it’s so easy to use so you can avoid getting water in their eyes when washing their hair. He’s now a must when it’s hair was night. You can squash the edge of the scoop to their head as you pour so avoid their face completely. We love it! I really liked that the material is so soft the kids can’t hurt themselves on it, it packs away small for travel use, it’s perfect for using to wash hair and I think it’s great quality. I love it. As flexible as the scoop is, it’s strong, soft and durable. I can see it will last years and years. I wouldn’t usually think to pay £12.99 for a scoop like this but I’ve tried cheaper ones before and never found quality like this and also I’ve found other ones hard to keep clean but this scoop is so easy to keep clean. I would purchase this. My kids keep asking when we’ll be buying another one so they can have one each. It’s definitely worth the money. I would recommend as it has so many good qualities and I can’t rate it enough as a product to help with hair washing and avoiding tears. I can’t fault this product. I’m so glad we were chosen to test it out and the fish scoop is now a part of our bath time and I can see we will be investing in another one before long. I’m also looking forward to the kids using it in ponds and at the next time we go. I really do like this product. It’s a great shape, made of lovely soft material very durable, easy to store, great at squashing down to pack for taking away. It’s been a god send for bath time and hair washing. No more tears and screaming for my two. We just need a second one now so they can have one each. Sam Davies – Sophie & Jake 8 & 5 Years

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