The Scrunch® Mission

This is achieved and maintained through:
• Designing all of our products in the UK
• Using high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, mostly silicone*
• Using trusted ethical production facilities with whom we have a long-standing relationship
• Working with all our distribution network and suppliers in a fair and ethical way
We’ve always taken care to make sure our products are responsibly produced, and our director, Kay, (Covid permitting) regularly visits the factories where our products are being made to ensure all acceptable standards are being upheld.
Sustainable Scrunch®
Scrunch® celebrates its 20th birthday in 2023.
We were one of the first designers of silicone products, hence the strapline – roll it, fold it, scrunch it. We discovered just how soft and squidgy, eco-friendly, and safe silicone was way back in 2003.
To this day approximately 90% of our products are made of silicone.
*A little about Silicone…..
Silicone is durable, flexible, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and able to endure extreme temperatures without deteriorating. It is reusable and truly eco-friendly from start to finish. It is fact derived from simple quartz sand, the result of a series of chemical reactions, all of which begins with just simple sand. This sand contains the second most common element found in the Earth’s crust – silica which is attained through a series of distillation and synthesising processes of the quartz sand.
So….perhaps we could/should say that most of our products are made of sand!
What’s more amazing is the incredible durability of silicone products which gives them an impressive, long life of reusability. But if you need to silicone can be recycled and reused.
Life without plastic
Our designer likes to think outside the (toy) box to reduce all plastic parts in order to make all of our products more sustainable. Some (for example the Scrunch® spade) necessitate the use of a more rigid substance than soft silicone and we have used a phthalate free polypropylene which is tougher and more fit for the purpose of digging and burrowing, and yet is completely recyclable.
We want our toys to stand the test of time and be as reusable as possible from sibling to friend and back again.
We use very little plastic in our packaging; and have introduced raffia ties for our products in 2022, a welcome innovative change.
Dealing with both product and packaging sympathetically and empathetically enables us to be creative with our ideas and keep the use of plastic to an absolute minimum.
Sustainable Packaging
Over 80% of the Scrunch® range uses outer packaging that’s made from 95% recycled cardboard and is printed with soy inks. Our main aim is to avoid overpackaging but still protect every Scrunch® product.
Scrunch® Environmental Statement
By making correct choices in our production, we feel that we can make a positive contribution towards sustainability. Whilst we import the finished Scrunch® product into the UK, we make considered decisions to purchase day to day supplies locally. We give preference to local suppliers who share our sustainability credentials.
In our day-to-day operations we are conscious of the need to reduce our impact.
• No direct parcel packaging is purchased - we regularly reuse boxes or buy recycled cardboard to send out orders.
• Zero polythene - you won’t find any polythene in our parcels. In fact, when you receive an order from us, all of the packaging can go in your recycling (so long as it’s split into material content firstly)
• 99% of our invoices and statements are emailed - paper is only ever used when a customer is unable to accept emails
• Keeping air freight to a minimum – we only use air cargo where essential

We try our best to ensure our small but perfectly formed office is as environmentally friendly as possible.
• Power-saving features - all our computers have power-saving features and are automatically switched off when not in use
• LED lighting - we use LED lighting throughout our chosen warehouse, and offices.
• Paper waste – always recycled where feasible
• Batteries, printer toners & cartridges - these are all regularly recycled
• Electric bicycles - our 2 directors cycle to work on a daily basis (quite a sight to see on frosty mornings here in the South Downs)😊
We’re always looking for more ways to reduce our impact and work more sustainably.