Scrunch Bucket

Scrunch Bucket


THE ORIGINAL – celebrating its 18th birthday, the iconic Scrunch® bucket is often imitated but never duplicated.

roll it, fold it, scrunch it….

Measuring 13cms high (without rope handle), 24cms high with rope handle with a 10cms dia. base x 15.5 cms dia. across the top, this special bucket is made of 100% silicone.

Capacity 1.5 litres

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The original award-winning silicone Scrunch buckets with rope handles • 1.5 litre Capacity • Recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly

Weight 0.205 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 13 cm

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6 reviews for Scrunch Bucket

  1. Jane Reeves
    Jane Reeves

    Beyond useful!
    I was worried it wouldn’t keep form after I rolled it up tightly in my changing bag but it sprung back into shape perfectly! It’s great for sandcastles and the perfect size for my son to fill up with water and carry himself. Would recommend! June 2020

  2. Pebble 1986
    Pebble 1986

    Kent, UK, 2 June 2020
    Long lasting and super cool
    We are big fans of not using cheap plastic buckets when we go to the beach. This one is really strong and comes home with us when we are done. Love it !

  3. Tamzin

    my Mum loves them as they fold up so small as well they are easy for her to pop in her pocket to manoeuvre around, this is actually a whole other aspect for you as my mum had a stroke very young and only has use of one hand making your products perfect for her with the kiddies as they are lightweight and easy for her so a real game changer as they love to garden together and now they can do it independently without my dad having to help with heavy buckets etc so actually from a practical and almost life changing perspective they have been fabulous for my family!

  4. Louise Blackmore
    Louise Blackmore

    Louise Awarded The Scrunch Bucket 5/5

    Looks fun! We had the green one and it’s nice and bright. My son was instantly intrigued. I really like the idea, it does mean it’s not as sturdy as other buckets but it makes up for it in style and versatility. It’s made of quality material, lovely bright colour; it is versatile enough for lots of different types of play. The design of the handle is the only thing that could be improved because my 2 year old finds it hard to keep it steady when he’s carrying water in it. He did find it easy to use but the handle being made of string makes it slightly harder for my 2 year old to control when he’s carrying water in it. My son enjoys using this and he uses it in lots of ways. He’s always carrying it about! The Scrunch design is really handy for travel. You can roll it up quite small and stick it in the bag. It unrolls pretty easily but I just stuff it in the bag among other items. My son has used this to collect shells, stones etc. in it when we’ve been out. He uses it for water play. He loves to carry his cars around in it! He uses it every day multiple times. He even takes it to the bath. We use it in the garden most as there has been a heat wave we’ve been using it for water play but he also takes it to the bath most nights and carries his favourite cars around in it so it’s being used quite a lot. Great to take on holiday and to the beach, although probably not for sandcastles. But definitely for collecting shells, crabs etc. I’m really impressed by the quality of it. It seems long lasting and cleans up really well. It’s been used a lot and still looks brand new. I do think it is good value. I loved its versatility. It can be used in so many different situations, my son is using it a lot more than the bucket he already has. I would purchase because it’s easier to carry about than a standard hard plastic bucket! And because my son has found so many different uses for it. I would also recommend for all the reasons above. Our experience has been really good. My 2 year old loves this bucket! For something so simple he has found lots of different uses for it. He collects things in it when we’re out, he carries his favourite cars around in it at home, and he even takes it to the bath. I can see him using it long into the future and it’s a lot easier to transport than his hard plastic bucket! Louise Blackmore – Roscoe 2 Years

  5. Rebecca Diablo
    Rebecca Diablo

    Rebecca Awarded The Scrunch Bucket 5/5

    Lovely and nice leaflet that accompanied it. Brilliant concept, as a Mum who lives near the beach it is genius. The design is perfect in every way. Great colour too. Very easy to use just like a normal bucket but rolls up to fit in our rucksack. My son loved it. Help shape making sandcastles, brilliant for holding fruit as we went to a Pick You Own Farm. This is so easy to store just roll it up and go. We used this to empty his paddling pool, to hold fruit, on beach days, making sandcastles and for rock pooling. We have used it almost every day as we visit the beach this time of year most evenings. We mainly used this on the beach. This is certainly the ideal bucket to take on your travels and on holiday. My son did use this as a comedy hat amused him for ten minutes. The fact that it is food grade silicone is brilliant. Massive points for safety and eco credentials. Amazing value for money. It has made life so much easier not having to carry a hard plastic bucket. I have already bought 3 as gifts and a scrunch spade for Mars. I would highly recommend as it is such a great idea and so affordable. There is nothing I could fault. This is my favourite product I have reviewed to date. Rebecca Diablo – Mars 2 Years

  6. Eva Thomson
    Eva Thomson

    My first impression was that the bucket was smaller than I had expected it to be. I think it’s a very good concept especially for travelling as plastic buckets would not be suitable to take in a suitcase and purchasing a new bucket on each holiday costs too much. I thought the scrunch bucket was a little small but it was the perfect size for my 2 year old. I liked how sturdy the bucket was although it was sturdier once filled with sand as it was quite light when empty. I liked the strong handle of the bucket which was easy for little hands to grip onto. My daughter found the silicone quite fiddly to turn over to make a sandcastle once it was filled with sand so I had to help her with this each time. She found it easy to carry using the strong silicone handle and to fill with items of her choice (although the handle occasionally got in her way when she was filling and emptying it). My daughter loved using the scrunch bucket. As it is small in size she liked using it as her very own bucket and refused to share it with her sister. I found the scrunch bucket incredibly easy to fold and store when we took a trip to the beach. It folded easily into a corner of the beach bag. My daughter used the scrunch bucket for making sandcastles, collecting shells, filling with water and even filling it with toys at home to carry upstairs. My daughter has used the scrunch bucket most days. We have used the bucket in the sandpit the most. I agree the scrunch bucket is the ideal item to take to the beach and on holiday. The fact that it is unique to other buckets and can fold up small into a bag or case is appealing as we wouldn’t usually bother taking a bucket if we were going on holiday and would just purchase one there. My daughter enjoyed using the bucket to carry her small toys from downstairs to upstairs and back again. It gave her the independence to do so which she liked. The quality of this item is very good. It feels sturdy and strong and the silicone is very thick. £7.99 is quite expensive for a bucket when you can pick up small plastic ones for £1 in the supermarket. Saying that, the Scrunch Bucket is unique to other buckets due to its folding and travelling abilities so I think it is fairly good value. I liked that the bucket was easy to fold and store when we went on a trip to the beach. I would consider buying the bucket after testing the product, particularly if we were travelling on holiday to a seaside resort. I would recommend this product to family and friends for taking on holiday as it is the perfect item for taking away on a trip due to the small space that is required to carry it. I liked the scrunch bucket and so did my daughter. It has many different uses but is mostly suited for travelling. It has a function that no other bucket has which makes it an appealing and interesting product. The Scrunch Bucket has many uses and we have used it both at home and away from home. It gave my 2 year old the independence to carry her belongings around with her unaided at home. We took the bucket with us on a day trip to the beach and used it for collecting shells and making sandcastles which it was useful for. It was also useful for filling with water and carrying it back to the sand to create a moat for our sandcastle. The experience we have had with the Scrunch Bucket has been mostly very positive, my daughter has enjoyed the size of the bucket as she is only 2, although my 6 year old would probably require a slightly bigger bucket if I was to purchase one for her. I did find it quite difficult to clean the bucket after using it in the sand as the sand just clings to the silicone and doesn’t brush off easily so it has now been confined for outdoor use only. Eva Thomson – Lucy 2 years

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