The arrival of Scrunch® at home
Scrunch KidsNewsThe arrival of Scrunch® at home

Scrunch products can be seen on beaches and outdoors throughout the world as we head into our 19th year in business. We are flattered / chuffed / and always thrilled to see these environmentally friendly toys in your wonderful instagram pictures. Soft yet durable, tactile and easy to travel with, our silicone products have become very much part of summer necessities for small hands.

Never resting on our laurels, here at Scrunch HQ we thought we would work on developing further products that could be used in the home throughout the year. Sometimes, at least here in the UK, the winters feel endless. so…we pondered, we need toys for the bath, the garden or the kitchen table on those rainy days – toys with an educational intent to challenge and stretch young minds; whether measuring water in a snail or counting lobsters in a game, making learning fun.

Et voilà – this a carefully curated capsule selection of our first collection for the home, designed in a soft muted palette, which, we hope, will sit well in any home surrounding.

We eagerly anticipate your feedback 🙂